YWCA Family Center | Sat, Jan 12th | 5-8pm

It’s the same, but different. (I’ve always found this statement hilarious and now I get to use it.)

We’re switching things up for this Souper Heroes. It’s something we’ve always wanted to do, but it hadn’t come together until now. And we’re hoping our team of Souper Heroes rallies to help make this a success.

Join us to give the residents of the YWCA Family Center a taste of a Souper Supper event.

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The YWCA Family Center provides emergency shelter and critical services to stabilize homeless families in central Ohio. They are a national model, with the goal to help families find housing within 3 weeks of entering the program.

The 160+ residents of the shelter will be our guests. We will be the Souper makers. There are still two ways to participate. But it’s a bit different.

Become a soup maker! In true Souper Heroes fashion you can make your soup, bring it to the venue and serve it up with us. But we will need more soup than usual for this, so if you’d like to make soup, but can’t make it to the event, we will pick up your slow cooker for you and get it to the event. We’ll even clean it and bring it back! (We’ll at least bring it back. Kidding! We’ll clean it.)

So sign up below. Just think. On January 12th, 2019 you’ll already be able to cross off Make a Difference! from your New Year’s resolutions.

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So sign up below to bring a family-sized slow cooker full of your favorite soup to the YWCA. You’ll receive more details when you do.

We will not have a Donation Slow Cooker at this event, but if you’re interested in a corporate sponsorship please contact us for more details.


Make Soup!

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