Souper Corporate Events 

Whether you'd like to use your event for internal team building within the walls of your business or take your event out into the world for some community/team building, we can help! In fact, we will help! Step-by-step we'll guide you through a simple process for organizing the details of your event. We'll also support you in making a branded landing page with your event details and theme. 

If your event is out and about, we work side-by-side with you to help find a venue, rally the troops and of course, invite all their friends, families and well, perfect strangers, to this event off your campus.

You can also add on our JUST SHOW UP keynote presentation from founder, Tricia Keels, who reminds people when it comes to putting good into the world that perfection is not the goal, action is!


Ready to get started? Us too!

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