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Team Build

How do you want to show up for a team building event that is the ultimate WIN/WIN/WIN, for you, your employees and the greater good? Did you see that? It’s three WINS. That’s one more than normal. I’d keep reading if I were you.

There are three ways for your team to show up!

  1. Souper Heroes at Work 

Take Souper Heroes into your workplace and inspire your employees to be part of the greater good. You can download the Souper Teams Starter Kit and plan your own event within your own walls.

You will use our step by step process, our support to make landing pages and a branded event page with your company and event theme to help facilitate your team building event. (OK, the starter kit is coming very soon but still in the making but contact us and we will walk you through everything you need to know.)

Even easier, just hire us to run the event for you. We rally the troops, we facilitate the steps and we come in and set-up and break-down. #SouperEasy

You can also add on our Just Show Up keynote presentation from founder Tricia Keels who reminds people when it comes to putting good into the world, perfection is not the goal, action is!

2. Souper Corporate Events


Take your Souper Heroes event out in the public. We work side by side with you to find a venue, create an event page, rally your troops and of course invite all their friends, families and well perfect strangers to this event off your campus.

It is a more public display of your company as the event is ultimately sponsored by YOUR NAME HERE and brings the outside into who you are. Souper Heroes is with you every step of the way and together we promote this event to the public to get the most people coming out to dine together and make a collective difference together. All while promoting your brand and giving your employees a purposeful night out.


3. Become a
Souper Sponsor

Simply sponsor one of our existing events. Get your name on the event, invite your workplace and their families and just show up and enjoy it as guests. With your sponsorship your company is promoted as being the driver of the event with a company donation or Donation Slow Cooker Match going to the recipient of that night’s event.

This one is #SouperSimple and #SouperEffective. It’s a great way to support the cause of fighting hunger, invite your staff out for a social night of fun, and pay it forward into the community where you live. (And the promotion isn’t bad either ;)

P.S. Branded Souper T-Shirts are available for purchase for each event. Provide these to your staff and we can make an official Souper Heroes video to help promote your involvement in the event and rally your troops.


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