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Souper Suppers

More than just a fundraiser, it's a friendraiser!


How does the night work? 

A random location begins to fill with community volunteers armed with family-sized slow cookers full of soup, their favorite ladle and their desire to share. They meet the Souper Host who guides them to a long table where they can set up. As they plug in their slow cookers they begin to meet the other soup makers, make room for everyone and label their soup.  

That’s when the guests begin to arrive to see that table filled with steamy homemade soup and the smiling faces behind it ready to serve.

They approach and begin to read what soups are available, talking with the makers and deciding which one they want to try first. Guests never eat just one. They’ll be back. And that’s encouraged.


Hungry to help

A guest stands up to locate the bread basket. Asks the table who wants some and heads on over.

That’s when they meet the Donation Slow Cooker. They realize that they are warm, they are fed, they are surrounded by a wonderful community. And with gratefulness they pay it forward by throwing what they can, or want to, into this vessel.

There are no rules about giving here. It is between the guest and the slow cooker. It’s not unlikely to find a $100 bill and a bag full of change in the same pot. And it’s beautiful.


So the night continues. The soup makers continue to serve and socialize. The bread basket empties and the Donation Slow Cooker fills up. And at the end of the night the guests leave with new friends and inspiration that every little bit helps the greater good. You just need to show up. 


Join In!

Hosting a Souper Supper event of your own is rewarding and fun! 
Don't worry, our Starter Kit will give you everything you need to get going and our team will be with you every step of the way.