souper heroes 101

So what’s Souper Heroes you ask?

Souper Heroes the idea
Anyone can be a Souper Hero, you just have to show up!

Souper Heroes the event - October to May
Hosts create an event in their city. Volunteer soup makers bring a family-sized slow cooker full of soup to the venue. Guests enjoy all the soups and bread they want with an opportunity to drop a donation of their choosing into the Donation Slow Cooker. Proceeds are always dedicated to someone in the hunger relief system. It’s a fun and easy way to bring people together over home cooked food (soup!) and pay it forward!

So how will you show up?

1- Host:  get more details and our starter packet that will walk you through the steps to create an event in your city.  Don't worry there's not a lot of them and they're easy.  We'll even set you up with a website and promote your event via social media.

2-Volunteer soup maker:  make a family-sized slow cooker full of soup and bring it to an event.  Go to events in your city to find one.  Need ideas on what to make, check out our favorite recipes and share one of your own.

3- Guest:  Go to events in your city and literally just show up and enjoy, no need to bring anything with you.  Except maybe cash or a check for the donation slow cooker, every little bit will help someone in the hunger relief system.

Other ways to show up?

*Share Souper Heroes with your friends and family, whether it's an event you can attend
or not help us spread the word and enlist more Souper Heroes.
*Sponsor an event by contacting us or the local host.
*Make a donation to help us grow Souper Heroes across the country.
*Spread the message of Souper Heroes by showing up in whatever way you can,
even if it is just smiling or saying something kind to someone, no gesture is to small they all make a BIG difference!


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