Souper Experience - Chef A'Donna

Chef A’Donna took the leap and joined the Souper Heroes Host ranks this season. And what is really inspiring about her experience is she did so without ever attending a Souper Supper event prior.

In order to make Founder Tricia Keels dream of having Souper Heroes all over the world a reality, we need more people to make this leap of faith in themselves and their community. We are Souper grateful to Chef A’Donna for showing us that this dream can be a reality. She followed the Starter Kit from start to finish and hosted an amazing event.

-she found a great location
-recruited amazing chefs from the community to make soups (by the way this is not required, friends and family are just fine, hers just happens to be chefs)
-promoted the event and the chefs on social media
-and even printed out the cute soup signs in the kit

Plus she brought new ideas to make the Souper Supper even more Souper! Like festive decorations for all the tables and a coloring station for the kids, how come we never thought of this?!?

The biggest inspiration comes from knowing she stepped out of her comfort zone and tried something new to bring her community together to raise 539 meals for those in need. We raise our Ladles to you Chef A’Donna! #SouperStar

When she’s not hosting a Souper Heroes event Chef A’Donna spends her time traveling throughout the United States speaking to groups about the possibilities of making plant-based meals more accessible. Learn more about Chef A’Donna at

Ready to take the leap and help others in your community by hosting your own Souper Heroes, download the Starter Kit and we'll help you get it done! You'll get a step by step guide to hosting, we'll create online and social media pages for your event, we'll help promote it and answering any questions you have along the way. You got this! #CrockOn #SouperStar

Tricia Keels