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Host an Event

You know what it takes to host a Souper Supper friendraising and fundraising event? Just the desire to do so. We help you with EVERYTHING!


 With our Souper Supper Starter Kit we’ve seen events come together in less than three weeks or take your time and plan one for months out. Follow the steps at the pace that makes you comfortable.

What's In The Starter Kit?

Easy to follow step-by-step instructions that will take your event from start to finish.

  • Resources to help collect soup makers and promote your event.

  • Scripts to start conversations with venues or donors.

  • Pre-written social posts and graphics to use to get the word out.

  • Even downloadable signage to make your event look #SouperSpecial.

Most importantly when you download the Souper Supper Starter Kit, you receive tons and tons of encouragement through our Souper Hosts Facebook Group! If you have questions. There is always someone to answer them to keep you moving forward. #KaleYeah


How do I get started?

All you need to do is step out. Download the Souper Supper Starter kit here. And begin.

You can do this! And since you made it this far … we think you should … we have a good feeling about you ;)

Souper Heroes helps you make a difference in your community from start to finish! So all you need to do is start!

Yes! I want to Download the Souper Supper Starter Kit Today.


So the night continues. The soup makers continue to serve and socialize. The bread basket empties and the Donation Slow Cooker fills up. And at the end of the night the guests leave with new friends and inspiration that every little bit helps the greater good. You just need to show up.