Cookbook Swap FAQs

Do I have to send a new cookbook? 

No, it doesn't have to be new. But it should be special not something you were hoping to just get off your shelf. A good rule of thumb is to send something you would be delighted to get in the mail yourself.

Is there a fee to participate?

Not at all. It's free. Well, you do need to buy the book you send. No stealing for a cause. (If you're short on time, you can order it through Amazon and include a note on why you picked it. Then have it dropped shipped right to your swap partner and avoid the post office. Please note, this is a great excuse to enjoy your local bookstore as well but we understand if you can't.)

What if I send mine and then no one sends me one?

We have a strict No Swapper Left Behind Rule. If you don't get a book by Dec 25th just send me an email. We will find out what happened and if for some reason your swapper can't fulfill their obligation, Souper Heroes will swoop in to save the day! (But please fulfill your commitment. Souper Heroes buys books for anyone whose partner didn't send a book out. And we're nonprofit ... so ... you see where I'm going with that.)

How do you guarantee I'll like it?

Well, we can't. But that's how it is with gifts in general. We did add a few survey questions that will help us give participants an idea of who they are sending to. So I think that will help.

Is this the funnest thing ever?

Yes. Yes it is.

Where do I sign up again?

Click here.