The Backyard Restaurant was born over an innocent glass of lemonade at our small blue café table with our then 7-year-old son Adam who thought it might be cool to have a summer restaurant instead of a lemonade stand.
We didn’t understand what we were getting into when we told Adam, “Sure!” He immediately went inside, drafted a menu, set the prices and drew a logo. So we set the date and invited the neighbors.

That first year we served 40 people who ate Adam's menu of pancakes, sliders, wood-fired pizzas and salad while they listened to our friends play live music. Whenever I shouted, “Order up!” from the kitchen, all the kids who came wanted to run the food. That’s when we knew we had something and needed to do it again.


Be a part of the fun and get your uniform shirt today! 

Join us on August 5th for the final Keels Backyard Restaurant. Click through to our Facebook event page to follow along and get all the details.

Order your uniform shirt by July 27th and we'll have it ready for you to wear the day of. Not mandatory to work the restaurant. Just fun!

Plan your own Backyard Restaurant

Let our six years of running this yearly event staffed by the neighborhood kids help you to make a impact in your own backyard.

We can help you with step-by-step instructions, creating your T-shirts and a lot of encouragement to give your Kids Backyard Restaurant your unique spin.

Inspired to start a Backyard Restaurant in your own backyard? Contact us here and we’ll help get you started!

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