Thanks for an awesome Season 4!

It’s been a great soup season at Souper Heroes. We dined together. Listened to music together. Enjoyed fun giveaways. And even made a boat load of chili this year. Plus together we collected enough through our humble Donation Slow Cooker to put over 20K meals into the local hunger relief system.

Thanks so much to Murray Hill Dental and Sanfillipo Produce for supporting us all year. And thanks to all of you who came out month after month to enjoy your community and good home cooked soups all while paying it forward.

Enjoy your summer and see you in the fall! #CrockOn

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So what’s Souper Heroes you ask? Each one of our volunteer soup makers brings a family-sized slow cooker full of soup to our venue of the month.
You can be one of them and sign up here.

Or just mark your calendar and come dine with us. No need to bring anything with you.
Enjoy all the soups and bread you want and feel free to pay it forward in our Donation Slow Cooker that is always dedicated to someone in the hunger relief system. It’s a Souper fun and easy way to give back! 

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New to Soup & Bread?

All Souper Heroes events are free and geared toward having fun with food and community while providing for those who don’t have enough of either. So come hungry and enjoy the opportunity to pay it forward by contributing to our Donation Slow Cooker which is always dedicated to local organizations in the hunger relief system.

There Are Two Ways to Participate!

Become a Soup Maker

Sign up to join the soup line up and bring a family-sized slow cooker full of soup and your favorite ladle to the event. Stand with you fellow soup makers of the night and dish it out to all who come. Don’t worry, it’s casual, we let you try the other soups too!

Or Just Come Enjoy

Try all the soups you want and enjoy the fresh bread. Diners are free to contribute to the donation slow cooker to help us pay it forward and provide meals for those in need through the organizations we support like Mid-Ohio Foodbank, Children’s Hunger Alliance, Star House, Neighborhood Services Inc and more!

Thanks to our Souper Partner, Murray Hill Dental, for helping us grow and providing us with more opportunities to spread our mission.

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